WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Great Revolution (Roll The Dice Part 2)

Thrown on my ass, after being thrown out of the casino
I made my way to the baseball memorial to see the great bambino

Clear my head and make some decisions about my life
What should I do, settle down, make a living, find a wife

I find myself on the dark side of this town
Looking for a light, and dragging myself farther down

All I've been doing is trying to survive
Can someone show me a sign of life

Vital signs are stable, but I'm dead inside
I think its about time for me to ride

Find another city to hold my addiction
I'm the cause for all your afflictions

This scene reminds me of the previous act
Before you and your buddies made a pact

Leaving me in the cold to die
Feeding me bullshit, another white lie

When you feed a man shit to digest
You come back with a strong man, only obsessed

Hellbent on revenge against your evil plan
You'll go down the tubes, like a grain of sand

Some can't hurt the ones that hurt them
But I'm not that way, I'd hurt him and never look back

I would never be able to hurt you
But I'll be damned if I'm the one screwed

Whiskey bound and hellbent on retribution
You'll be witness to a public execution

Its not to late to change my mind
Truth will set it free, uncover the blind

It's up to you to find a suitable solution
Before everything is destroyed by a great revolution

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