Great Ships

I have heard great ships are coming today
To survey this uncharted land
I have seen great dreams dance on the brow
Of the woman that sleeps on the sand

The embers shoot up as the sun melts down
And I lay my head down beside her
The distant glow on the shore will lure you in
Like the eel we smoked on the fire

This uninhabited spot will fall to your map
Like the water you check your disguise in
Deep cracks form on the lips of my lover
As dark sails choke the horizon

I have heard great ships are coming today
And above my mountain crumbles
I have smelled burnt heads but the children still play
As the last great Unicorn stumbles

by Ashley Hawkes

Comments (1)

Ashley, Ah, the fantasy dying, yet the children playing-beautiful, and sorrowful, all the images, smoked eels, great ships, crumbling mountains, cracked lips of my lover, the bittersweet-all give me cause to wonder what this uncharted land holds within, this uncharted land called, Ashley. Thanks, Phillip