All I Receive For My Rhyme

All i receive for my rhyme sometimes a well done with a smile
And sometimes does rhyming pay well and has it been all worth your while
In this the twenty first century literary styles changing fast
Prosaic poetry a literary in thing and rhyme is a thing of the past
All of the good rhyme poets are dead the literary critics does have us believe
Yet like every know it all with their words they can deceive
Rhyming a hobby little more for those who enjoy penning rhyme
And to those who yearn to become financial millionaires hobbies are a waste of time
Rhymers are many some say and poets are only of the few
Something you would have heard of before and in it there is nothing new
All i receive for my rhyme only the odd words of praise
Which makes me feel i am not wasting my time and to my spirits give a raise
And never does fail to inspire me for to keep on rhyming on
Even though time is not on my side and my best days are in the long gone.

by Francis Duggan

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We must offer love to one another then the world will be better.
Touching indeed. Reminds me of a quote I've read recently. It goes: One doesn't have to gain respect. Respect is due to everyone. It's another thing whether or not we manage to keep to it.
Most beautiful such a profound message. Thanks for this one.
Nothing in life is crooked Save our attitudes and sights Which maketh our minds wicked And causes jealousy and fights....... One may have a perfect body but a crooked well hidden brain which can cause all the problems that the world is presently suffering from. A great poem by Ray. Sir, I invite you to my page too for your valuable comments.
Thank you for your wonderful sharing of poem
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