All You Need Is Ambition! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

All you need is ambition! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

by Joshua Aaron Guillory

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We must offer love to one another then the world will be better.
Touching indeed. Reminds me of a quote I've read recently. It goes: One doesn't have to gain respect. Respect is due to everyone. It's another thing whether or not we manage to keep to it.
Most beautiful such a profound message. Thanks for this one.
Nothing in life is crooked Save our attitudes and sights Which maketh our minds wicked And causes jealousy and fights....... One may have a perfect body but a crooked well hidden brain which can cause all the problems that the world is presently suffering from. A great poem by Ray. Sir, I invite you to my page too for your valuable comments.
Thank you for your wonderful sharing of poem
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