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Great Thoughts

The green snake with its
gentle, firm grip,
holds on to the branch
of a tree.
Stems in the vineyard,
raise their bodies a
little, like swans that
fly in the sky,
and descend down to
touch the earth,
along with our modest thoughts.
The fronds of a
coconut tree, wave
their leaves at the
travellers, at the footpath,
just to bring out
those hidden smiles.
A bridge connects,
relates, two fractured
lands, and magnanimously
allows the river to flow.
Those distant lights flicker
and yet, they try to
chase the monster
of darkness away.
Leaves, thin leaves,
throw behind the barrier
of mud, to come
out of their shells
and look at the sunlight
that merges with water fountains.
Salt surrenders its body
to the violent sea
that consumes it, and
leaves saline footprints
as it walks on the sand.
One half of the earth
is dressed, and bedecked
with bright jewels of
colour, while the other
chooses to remain plain,
exposing its body
to nature for the
noise and music to
emerge and evolve in
the soul-less space.........

by nithya raghavan

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