MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

$! Who Said.....

Who said........This is poetry?
Who said........That the words are free?
Who said........This is you and me, not us or we?

Tell me! ! !

Who said.....Better safe than sorry?
Who said.....This is my life story?
Who said.....Don't you hurry, don't you worry?

Tell me the story! ! !

Who said....Things I say have been said before?
Well they can just walk right out the door
Who said...Let me say no more?

Who said....She is just a friend?
Who said....Please don't pretend?
Who said....This is where forever ends?

Who said....And I qoute,
Things that people wrote,
'Not even God can sink this boat? '

Who said....Things that other people say?
Who said....Words are here to stay?
That they are for me to say
That I love you everyday?

Who said....Let my people go?
And who said.....No?
Not so long ago.

Now I see some nodding heads
others smiling in the croud
But whom of you had the courage to say....No, out loud?
Those of you who did should feel proud.

Let me say....Smiles worth wearing are words worth hearing

That said.......The best sound I've ever heard
Were when no one had said a word.

So who said....The people have spoken?
Who said.........This on a Simba chip token?

Who said.....The past is the past?
Who said......Nothing good will ever last?

Who said.....Lord, forget me not?
Who said....That Jesus ever forgot?

Who said....Nkosi sikelela?
Who said....Mntan'am sukulila?

Who said....Everything unto thee?
And finally....
Who said.....All of this to me?

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Jim Morrison used the metaphor of a vehicle in The Lords and the New Creatures, published by Simon and Schuster Modern life is a journey by car. The Passengers change terribly in their reaking seats, or roam from car to car, subject to unceasing transformation.Inevitable progress is made toward the beginning (there is no difference in terminals) , as we slice through cities, whose ripped backsides present a moving picture of windows, signs, .....
Loved the way this poem turned from the original opening lines invitation, Every poem is an invitation for the readers to use their imagination a vehicle licensed to carry passengers to the acknowledgment that some readers who sometimes have a greater imagination/ than the poet will read the poem with depth and insight through to the turn of even perhaps get more from the poem/ than the poet knowingly put in. This humour and wit builds into which you must admit if with a slight embarrassment as you read the words of praise is a divine joke because perception and beauty is unique to individualized tastes. All poems liked and deeply personalized will have different meanings to different readers. The most imaginative poems will offer new meanings, perspectives with new readings, and every poetic reader can match the original poet in imagination if they take the time to fully engage with a poem and the full spectrum of that poems poetic images. An easy reading entertaining write.
Ah! tis a grand write. enjoyed it, Read mine - An Emily Dickenson Theory - Adeline
i totally agree with this poem....10
6/10 my God they're tough judges around here Michael must be all poets. You are exactly right it is important that our poetry ignites the imagination of the reader or they won't want to read poetry. Poets should not be there to honor themselves that's just ego.10 from me anyway.
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