Greater Desire

He stood just were she always passed.
Just so he could find a way to meet her
He wanted her so
But how could he make her see

Could he control the drive for much longer
Could he stay calm and collected
He wanted her for his own
He knew he couldn't wait much longer.

The control had been kept for so long
He had become obsessed
Could he control this urge much longer
He wanted to plant his seed

He had chosen his prey carefully
He had been circling ever closer
Watching her every move
Maybe he would soon just take her

At first it seemed she was willing
His conquest would be easy
Then her actions changed
She tried to pull away

He couldn't wait for another
His desire was too strong
The control was no more
He knew he must take her now

At first she tried to fight him
But it seemed he was too strong
His desire had overwhelmed him
He no longer heard her cries.

At last his desire was fulfilled.

by Alison Smith

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