- I have seen Nessie sink seven
Hundred feet off the shore!
_________________________- Helen,
________- There! Just wait! Nessie sank
Four minutes ago.
________________- But a man
Can hardly stay under water
________- It’s the Loch Ness Monster!
- It hasn’t yet sunk in!
___________________- Why?
- Because this Monster can’t fly!
- What for?
__________- Oh! It’s easy as
This lake isn’t famous Loch Ness!

by Konstantin Ananin

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such a great writer..nice poem
I think Wilfred Owen is one of the greatest of the Australian poets His life, as was Oscar Wildes was not an easy one, but by vrtue of that fact, he was able to access very deep feelings and write about lifes conflicts even madness. It is sad that he is not more widely read. This poem has an intense and mysterious quality about and lends itself to individual interpretation by the reader. In that way, he doesnt lecture to the reader only conveys feelings that we can resonate with