Greatest And Highest Eternal Pleasure!

All kinds of pleasures are for what man is born to enjoy in life in the world;
Beauty of Nature and all beings kindles his desire to love and enjoy forever;
Collecting all beautiful and best ones for his joy, he lives life in love long!

Drawings, paintings and all art works of beauty he cherishes most and enjoys ever;
Enjoying aesthetic please in Nature, he communes with his counter part by plans;
Fully satisfied in physical pleasure, he intellectually develops to enjoy spiritually!

Gorgeous beauty he loves and enjoys pleasure often to get the satisfaction he needs;
Higher still he goes up to enjoy higher pleasures intellectually to know truth of all;
I or ego of inside kindling selfishness is a hurdle to go spiritually higher he knows!

Joy of great and highest pleasure he longs to enjoy to get highest and eternal pleasure;
Keeping on progressing in enjoyment of new and new pleasures he settles in spiritual one;
Liking first and loving for long as a mystic, he with his mind communes in Nature high...!

Musing over the eternal beauty of Nature, he discovers the power activating it from behind;
Nature is the physical manifestation with man and all species he finds to know as parts of it;
Objects of Nature including man he realizes are having that spirit within to function ever!

Particles to atoms to molecules to matters are functioning mainly due to that spirit only;
Quite astonished, he intuitionally knows the truth that all beings begin and end in it sure;
Rejoicing greatest and highest pleasure to know the greatest truth, he meditates in Nature!

Satisfied by that greatest truth, he mystically muses in Nature long enjoying greatest bliss;
Transcending from conscious state to super-conscious state via subconsciously, he reaches peak;
Universal spiritual energy effect electrifies him with highest power to enjoy greatest bliss long!

Vertically going up and down after horizontally exploring everything, he enjoys sustained bliss;
World of physical pleasure is short range benefit he enjoys, but long range pleasure is in spirit;
X and Y not knowing this eternal truth, tries to find ways to enjoy long pleasure in physical world!

Years of enjoyment of all kinds of worldly pleasures are not enough to satisfy his long quest;
Zeal endless lies in spiritual world he finds finally and knows the way to enjoy eternal bliss there!


by Ramesh T A

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Man can be satisfied only by the eternal pleasure.. Well written