GD (1755 - 1841 / England)

Greatest Of Beings! Source Of Life!

Greatest of beings! Source of life!
Sovereign of air, and earth, and sea!
All nature feels thy power, and all
A silent homage pays to Thee.

Children, whose little minds, unformed,
Ne'er raised a tender thought to heaven;
And men, whom reason lifts to God,
Though oft by passion downward driven;

Those too who bend with age and care,
And faint and tremble near the tomb,
Who, sickening at the present scenes,
Sigh for that better state to come;

All, great Creator! all are thine;
All feel thy providential care;
And through each varying stage of life,
Alike thy constant pity share.

And whether grief oppress the heart,
Or whether joy elate the breast,
Or life still keep its little course,
Or death invite the heart to rest:

All are thy messengers; and all
Thy sacred pleasure, Lord! obey:
And all are training man to dwell
Nearer to bliss, and nearer Thee.

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