Greatest Story

Poem By Eddy Munoz

3 years have past without any hesitation.
Little I realized that time has no patience.
It continues to move like tides from the sea.
And keeps a pace like a steady beat.

I will write about heartbreak.
Or about how I throw myself to the world just hoping somebody would catch me,
Or about how I caught somebody who honestly wasn't worth catching.

Dwelling on a person who caused more hurt than pain.
Man...just thinking about it drives me insane.

I said love thinking that my feelings were coming to bloom.
Yet she turned out to be just like you!

haha Yes the joke was on me!
I fell for it not once not twice but three! !

First it was Beth than Naomy than you.
And all I did was pledge my heart to you.

Now I guess my hearts manual reads and says this:
'When you first meet give it a kiss.
For the next 2 weeks just follow its every wish.
After it beats at a steady pace.
Do whatever you want with your life and put the product to waste.
Now if product still continues to beat
Just clean and wipe it off and place at your feet.
Show you have complete control
And enforce pain whenever you feel necessary to do so.'

Yup thats what it has to say.
Cause every time I spend time with you, history repeats itself every day.

But this is far from the end.
There could be someone out there willing for their backs to bend.
Bigger responsibilities await to be taken care of.
Instead of a hobby I continue to work on called love.

Comments about Greatest Story absolutly should continue to write cause it's obvious you can transmit emotions in you writing very well. Thank you for posting Izzey Strange
I like it. You have described it very well. Vivid imagery and remarkable style. Great write. I rate it 10. Thanks for sharing..... Please read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2. Please use the search box by typing the name of the poem if the page doesn't open with the title of the poem.

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