(28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Greatness Of Real Friendship!

As in war and love, there is nothing fair and foul in friendship;
Best relationship is friendship only that sails on all seas ever;
Concern for friends is more than other cares of world only there;
Devotion, loyalty and love are the basic aspects of good friendship!

Everyone moves with them, but no one relinquishes anyone for anything;
Friends are natural brothers or sisters united by friendship as culture;
Good and bad times in life they face with joy and sorrow to pacify each;
High moral or no moral, they maintain unity whether life or death to all!

In all seasons, they are together in one place unlike migratory birds;
Joint ventures are common among friends only anywhere in the world;
Keeping contacts with each friend ever, they live a highly secure life;
Love and respect they maintain for everyone in any other company sure!

Most best benefits are enjoyed due to strong bonds of friendship ever;
No one is high or low though each one is from various classes or creeds;
Openly they share all their in and out details as they can't trust others;
Personally or impersonally, they handle all matters of each in friendship!

Quite a long way they go relying on friends' guts to face and win any enemy;
Restoring poise in all circumstances, they go ahead in pursuit of their goals;
Seldom they betray themselves while they deal with new or unknown men to them;
Trustworthiness is the maintain criteria upon which they have built friendship!

United by fortune or divided by fate, they never harm each other in anyway;
Various circumstances or situations in life, they may be separated but not in will;
Winning in missions and games, they maintain their calibre as chivalrous knights!

X or Y one may be by birth, status, religion and family, but they are equal ever;
Years may make changes in each one's life, but in heart they are same old friends;
Zeus of angels may play games in their friendship, but seeing unity, praise them!

by Ramesh T A

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