MW (September 14 / Dallas)


I wish you to be vanished
from the face of earth
so then maybe they'd let us be
together in harmony-
I may sound greedy and-
bit too needy
but it cannot constrain
my love for you is vain
so that He bore you around
women awed-for your beauty is not obscure
-watching, i could not witheld the foolish tricks of eyes
While you are being seen in perfectness by them
I appear just to dissappear from your eyes-
-you only see the clock behind me
but i see no clock behind you
and though my tongue may trip when i try to speak
-to you.. still i see no hope, so my love goes weak
and though i may wish every type of way, i wish to be with you-
no matter how it may be- a friend, a classmate, -anything will do
just as long i get to talk-to you, and only you.

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