Poem By jeannetta harris

Thoughts- questions
Feelings of desire
Churning- swirling
Drowning in a whirlpool of doubt
Reaching out to the light of hope
Having had you- wanting more
Dreaming of what could have been
Sabotaged by my own hands
Trying to move on
Finding our way back
Allowing a taste
Hunger taking over
The sweet nectar from your lips
Intoxicates- clouding my judgment
Doing the unthinkable
Regret sinking in
Knowing I have lost
Not only one but two loves
One who holds my heart
The other who holds my soul
My greed leading me in my transgression
My undoing… my weakness
Alone with only the company of

Comments about Greed

Regret, a feeling I know only too well. Loved this poem I can relate to it. Séamus

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I see him struggle-trying to get the words out
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