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It infiltrates all strata of society,
Causing man to engage in all sorts of impropriety.
The mind and heart it corrupts,
And peaceful family life interrupts. This excessive desire is not only for food or wealth,
But also for other things that can damage your health.
The dangers to us should be obvious,
As history has made them quite conspicuous. Once it encircles you like a noose,
It is very difficult to cut loose.
It's grip is like that of a powerful vice,
And the results of being caught in it's jaws are not very nice. It will keep you as its slave for many a day,
Unless you walk the straight and narrow way.
If peace of mind you want to enjoy,
Then all your armed forces you need to deploy. Help you can receive, if only you ask,
So, challenge the enemy and take him to task.
The battle will, Indeed, be bitter,
But don't turn out to be a quitter. Pay no attention to bystanders who may jeer,
Prove to those you love that you do care.
In the end you will have averted woe,
If you valiantly conquer this formidable foe. True it is that times are very hard,
But, better it is to be on your guard.
Resist the temptation of seemingly lucrative offers,
Of opportunities to help you top up the coffers. Your life and livelihood could both depend,
On whether or not you heed these words, my friend.
Simple they are, and clear, indeed.

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