Greediness Of Some People

Poem By Candice George

Take Take Take
That's all our people do
Take Take Take and never give
They only wish to receive
Don't care about who their hurtin
Dont care about who their affecting
Whether it be innocent kids or families
Whether they be ill and homeless

No only think about themselves and how they can 'help' themselves
It makes me sick to my stomach watchin them grab and take
The finickiest and how they just want want, want
Isn’t it good enough that they get anything
Isn’t what matters that you were thought about
N of course not it's always what they have and how they can get more of it

Instead of overflowing with joy, happiness and generosity
They're overflowing with greed and not caring about anyone but themselves
They steal and take what doesn’t belong to them
They eat and eat away at the hearts of those that care
They hurt innocent people and show their true colors
Show what really matters to them
This is the example that they give to their young
This is what the world has become
Survival of the fittest, yeah that's what they'll call it
When really their just being selfish and greedy

Biting off more than they can chew
They’ll get what’s coming to them
God sees all and though he may not act now he will in his own time
I just hope that it happens sooner rather than later
Before even more hearts are broken and even more people are hurt
Not everyone deserves such harsh and unfair treatment and it's obvious that the greed of today’s society is what outnumbers the good
Generosity will always go far but somehow the selfishness always out numbers the generous

Comments about Greediness Of Some People

that is true there arre more takers then givers in this word only care about their happiness and dont give a damn about others
Well I highly recommend this. But I do think I disagree that there are more selfish greedy people in the world than givers. I think the givers are more than she imagines. Still, a 9. GW62
To everyone out there no it is not only black people that are greedy and I am in no way or form trying to put down the black race but this is what i saw nd how i felt at the time of writing this poem....

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