CLM ([2-6-93] / Charlotte, North Carolina)

Greedy Murderer

These streets are dark, and blackend with hate,
What is there more, that I did create.
With all the love and hate, that I have left,
Murderd by dishonestly, I'm shot to death.

Cerest my heart, and buried in the ground,
The news has spread, all around.
Until you realize, what you've done,
You will be, on the run.

Back in your bed, all alone, and asleep,
Tossing and turning, as I creep.
Wondering, if life is at end,
All because, of your sins.

I creep closer, watch you as I go,
I always wondered, if you were friend or foe.
But I guess I found out the hard way, as you shot me and ran,
But only do you know, the pain has only began.

Sling you out of the bed, and up against the wall,
I wonder if you remember me at all.
Make a promise to me, and let yourself be,
Maybe you will see, eventually.

You caused me pain, you caused me greef,
Now all I need, is a powerful defeat.
As you dropp to your knees, and began to pleed,
Dead, I'm finished with all your greed.

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