Never Get Old

If you don't
never get old
you don't know
what its like
to live
too long
You'll be blessed
to be
forever young
If you don't never
get old
wrinkles will never
frown upon your face
your hair
will never
turn white
and everything
will be all right
If you don't
never get old
your body will never
get fragile
and your blood
will never
run cold!

by Dorsey Baker

Comments (4)

Now I think that the PM in the poem could be Tony Abbott, while Malcolm Turnbull is rich, too, through hard work over many years, in business. He deserves to be rich. Kevin Rudd was, I thought, rich in the things of the mind; Rudd should still be PM, in my opinion.
This seems to be about David Cameron. I thought he resigned unselfishly and had style. But the poem may be about someone else. M.Walker.
A global disease since pre-history. Well written, Douglas
We need to fill this man's shoes with someone FIT enough to wear them. He laughed his way to the Top. Shame he doesn't have a Human Bone in is his body! Bragging about turning the boats. I am with You. Thank You