TA (27 july / nigeria)


If the green guys have gone low profile
is it enough for minority to deceive the majority with lies,
when they know the green guys are still part of the majority
promises are not kept, but they want unity,
monies are stashed up in their private accounts,
tell me if that is not vanity.

the green guys have gone under ground,
through the sweat and blood of the innocent
and the selfish interest of the politicians
now, the power, they have found
they rule without being decent
tempting the green guys to come back and rule like magicians

will the green guys come again, with their iron fisted rule
whether yes or no, it's left to the minority, to choose
because they represent the majority,
and the majority is part of the green
so in truth since democracy is about the majority, majority would win
and what will be, would definitely be.

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great work......i love this poem so much...good work....keep it up! ! !
nice one u got, specially for selfish rulers, , , , , , , , , .........