Poem By Wild Bill Balding

Into the warm, inviting yellow
twists a brush loaded with blue.
Surprised, suspicious,
the shades swirl round each other,
and then, by magic,
marbled patterns turn
to startling viridian.

It is utterly final.
Once made, the new colour
cannot be undone;
once committed, the blue and yellow
cannot be divorced:
this is a lifelong union,
longer by far than the life
of the artist who mixed it.

So it is with you and me:
bearing our separate lives
we have swirled and marbled,
mixed and mingled,
become one,
created a new colour
with an as yet unknown chemistry.

Together, we make green;
and, though parted for a while,
yellow does not leave blue
and blue does not rip itself from yellow.
Instead, two emerald puddles,
distant in space but not tone,
dream of being plastered on a palette,
poured into a pot,
indissolubly one.

For now, our separate lives continue
and we wait,
rationed to fragments of time,
which moves on,
as love itself draws breath
and looks forward to our next meeting.

Comments about Green

Beautiful, warm and intimate. You are a wonderful word painter. Ten for this exceptional write. As always, Sandra
that is so magnificent. you are very talented and I like this poem very much. it has a deep feeling and I appreciate your sweet comment. you are doing a great job. keep going on and good luck.
Warm. Vibrant. Delicious. Poetry at its magnificent best.
There should be at least another dozen comments down here. I cannot help but think the others do not know what they are missing... This is gorgeous. Just before arriving at 'So it is with you and me: ', I had thought 'Oh,'s love'. The metaphor and imagery here is clear and un-convoluted yet unique and unexpected, your expression wonderful and the transition in the middle of this piece is smooth, but, also, impactful. There are, too, some terrific lines here and I completely adore the title for its simplicity AND spendor. I hope for you that this was written long enough ago that those two pools have since found their way to togetherness. Green from a distance is a torturous thing. Christine
This makes me wish for a love like your green, indissolubly one with another - Beautiful yes x

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