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Green Greetings Of New Year

Hear and hear oh dear global friends near,
I am sending for you greetings of New Year.

Mountains are singing and trees are singing,
Newly bloomed wild flowers here are ringing.

Green grass is dancing moving towards light,
Leaves are fresh giving beauty for eye sight.

One tree has many branches many leaves in free,
Freedom is given by nature, smiles each tree.

Fresh wind is blowing touching core of mind,
Father of heaven is giving grace he is very kind.

Mystical dream tells before real green scene,
New Year is drawn here beauty of joy is seen.

A flowering twig in joy is bowing before God,
Winter is whispering, before God souls nod.

White flowers swing again trees are nicely green,
Happy New Year dear friends, weather is clean.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,02 January 2018. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (19)

The opening lines of this wonderful write conveys friendship. Very heartwarming. The rest of the poem was paved with beautiful and bountiful nature. Indeed, a great welcome and greetings for a prosperous and a wonderful New Year. Well penned. Very lovely poem.10++++
The lovely colored flowers on the photograph symbolizes the Entering of the New Year gracefully and clearly. Such a Greatest Joy in awaiting the New Year! I have relived again that moment through your sublime poem, Sir! Thank you! Myriads more than this 10.
flying high above in the sky you need not hear me but do smile I shall come by and in my dive I will salute you too as you are a poet true we are simple followers flying for the joy of coming nearer you O wise poet bless us will you in 2018 it's now over due
aap ney NEW YEAR SEY humaree poetic kabar par..aanna kyun chodd diya Your words are like flowers petals... strewn upon our lips..now silent is it 'coz it's too cold or you have forgotten poets like poet me as rotten but alas I am only a trailing bird
The beginning line itself is so friendly and endearing like the content of the poem....the photo adds more to the beauty of the poem...thank you Kumar... very Happy New Year to you
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