What Do You Know About Love

What do you know about love?

Dare not say
You can lecture me
On such things:
The lines and repercussions
Of loving and letting go.

You claim good ties
As all were taken
In consideration:
It needs no attention.

How come you know so much
When all the while
The thorough heart sharing
Was all mine to give?

Being false as things are true,
I chose my path
On that fateful day
When everything goes wrong.

Suffer me the bitterness
But until then
You have no right
To tell me my misconceptions.

Love comes from the heart
Groping deep within the stomach
Until you vomit.

by Dennis Go

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Said the biggest man /wife murderer like everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....just saying ;)
A very beautiful poem and even more so because it is also set to music. It is believed to have been written for the Christmas season during the celebrations at court. Henry, was a man of his time and with all of his misgivings was known to be very sentimental and could be made to weep easily. I enjoy all of his works.
A poem about faithfullness. The Holly and Ivy are ever green no matter how bad the weather in winter and so a comparison is made through the claim that his love will be forever true(come what may) to a certain particular person. A poem expressing profound thought on the lover's state of mind. Quite incredible when thinking of his track-record. Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. Not to mention the numerous mistresses. Nonetheless, a beautiful poem.
This poem sounds very beautiful to me, like a secret garden.