Green Grows

I am a yellow dog
who would rather be
a toad. Too many frogs

have ideas about the sea,
foreign swamps and bayous;
my own puddle makes me happy

I am a silly man
Who’d rather be a
boy…be that the plan

Romp in emerald fields—
Devoid of when or why;
Exuberance yields

I am a sorry soul
When water turns to dust
Fails to achieve goal

I’ll be a cherub—cheerful
Minus sorrow’s burden
Plastic life now fear full

Of gilded green temptation
Paper powerless pawn
Denying all…salvation

The blood he bleeds
Is all one needs
To nurture seeds
And strangle weeds
That boldly feed
Demon greed

by Kenneth Snow

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I love this to bits!
Hi Ike! Back for a bit of poetry? I like this and the place musta missed you. Best wishes H