A Differenat Kind Of Mary's Song

Yes Bethlehem was small insignificant even
So how do you think I felt called as a child myself?
Least that’s how I felt, young vulnerable and scared.
The songs they would sing forget my fear, my anxiety.
Forget I was to be a mum for the first time.
That day and all that night I struggled, was it a dream
Was I fooling myself and Joseph was he fooled as well?
Angels with messages don’t happen to ordinary people
Having babies when you’ve never known a man unheard of.
So in this town and in this place we trusted in God.
The questions why here? Why now came later?
Tonight the little man lies sleeping, a little man
In a little town with a little mum, somehow
They never tell the story this way, on his birthday.

by James Tipp

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I love this to bits!
Hi Ike! Back for a bit of poetry? I like this and the place musta missed you. Best wishes H