Green Horn

These days I dream of America and they offered me the green card.
I visited to my far relatives who were living there.
Some are in California and the rest in Massachusetts.
They showed me the hospitality but in doubts.
I feel that they might think I'll be a burden for them.
Never mind I said good bye
And searched for my scattered unseen friends.
I am totally tired and frustrated.
I heard the statue of Liberty is whispering something.
'Why don't you visit our ancestors? '
I left for Red indian Reservoirs
And they guided me to Geronimo's tomb and some Apaches.
We talked each other many things like old familiar friends
And when I woke up I found a red feather on my pillow.
Sing Song my beloved wife brought me the bed tea.

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (2)

A very interesting dream., eloquently expressed. Again, the imagery is vivid. But I must agree in some ways with Dave, dreams sometimes fail to match the reality. Good poem, Nimal. Regards, Sandra
Your dream of coming to America, I wish it was like it use to be. The statue of liberty use to speak to imigrantes from all over the world. She use to promise them a new start in life. I believe today there is a tear coming from her eye, because she has no more power. because the rich and powerful control this land, the people are lied to by their leaders. it's not a free country anymore, even our president said 'your either with us, or against us' he's a fool! He brings shame to this country.