It’s not the experience
—that marauds it. Though the wise
will have you believe.

It’s this sense that everything
around you
is occurring for the first time.

by s./j. goldner

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is occurring for the first time, i see this well, , , , , , , , , short yet, honest in a odd way.
This is a glorious green since it tells the truth - everything IS happening for the first time.
I'm always green as grass, like Bobby says, 'I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now'
I love the title, but there is nothing wrong with being green, as long as it is not with envy. It is normal for someone so young to find everything new, that is experience. That is why we should listen to our seniors and elders more, they have been there and done that, but in their time, it is just a guide to avoid pitfalls in your time, because they love you. It's all nurturing, helping each other. Young people have the energy and older people have the knowledge, together they could work all things out. It is a pity that the young and old don't tend to get on these days, I think every birthday is a major achievement and the older you are, the higher the achievement, My husband used to say, I will take advice from anyone with more cash than me, but he was being sarcastic, cus he was like that! One of the things I loved about him. Anyway, another too long a response, You say so much in so few words. You are a very good poet, which does not mean that short is the only way, it is just a good poetic trick! Got to go bye byes, Tai