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Green Is Her Color
(22/03/66 / Manchester)

Green Is Her Color

Poem By Mark Heathcote

Green is your colour
Oh emerald girl
You are my world
You teleport my mind
I want to sit by your side
Like petrified oak, and still, somehow weep
Lose my ability to speech
I want you to gaze on me
And take root by my heart too
I want you to take my heart
Like a date stone and crush it
In your gentle palms hands
Oh emerald girl
You are my future my Savannah world
Ooh, you're so headstrong!
Your face is like an opal
Oh how I want to hold you cut you loose
Green is your colour
Oh emerald girl
You are pure
Soon you'll blossom so bright!
You'll blow my mind
To the four corners of the world
And thereafter a nomad
In a desert finds a watering hole
Quenches his sight and thirst
He'll I'll go blind with love
Begging for alms when death heaven calls
Ooh my world will be green
And only opal petals will thereafter be seen.

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A Beautiful poem on Green Emerald. Beautiful flow of words. Loved reading it.