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Green Light
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Green Light

I'm waiting for the green light to move on
Stuck both on my daydreams and nightmares
What else do I need if the deal is done?
I feel giddy, climbing down the spiral stairs

Wish I had a one-track mind, being slap happy
Wasn't pinched for time and could knock around
I'd love to pitch in and help, but I'm sleepy
To feel less lonely I'm turning up the sound

I learned to pick up on the jeopardy
Wanna sacrifice myslf for a safer world
The hero of the upperworld ain't no parody
Your soul is to soar freely as a bird

I hate to witness the end of the ball game
Wanna hope the world is saved by the bell
And if in my next life I'm given an infamous name
I'll know how to break that magic spell

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