Where Love Begins

Love begins
Where fear ends
These two shall
Never meet

by Tanja Bulovic

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............living in the mountain area with a great friend would be the best ★
Lovely and well articulated piece written with conviction. A nice poem indeed. Thanks for sharing.
I enjoy this poem and will try to find the recommended translation by Vikram Seth, that member Mandira Mitra commented on. Also, I felt strongly about giving this poem a good rating and I became a member so I could do so. This is a safe site according to McAfee SiteAdvisor and would ask anyone that visits here to join and participate by commenting and rating. Thankz.
This, like so many of Li Po's work, is amazing in it's picturesque word imagery, and simple expression of universal human emotion. I wish I could read his work in the original language.
A better translation exists. By Vikram Seth.
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