Green Ranger

Traveling throughout the world people see the sky lights
Making ‘em wanna spend their nights with the very high life
I wrote/ this one more time for all my other green rangers
That discovered that daft punks in their pockets means danger
Those/ concrete battlefields left a marathon behind me
Back/ when my trust my guts and my lust would just blind me
I/ almost folded/ strangers called me origami
But now my money clips can gun ‘em down like I was Tommy
Probably/ could’ve spent my days getting wet down by the harbors
Or with them on the steps/ buzzed and faded like a barber
Instead I got it crackin’ and I did a line that’s smarter
I wanted to see myself/ and my evergreen grow taller
Back/ then I made my beats using just a beat box
Trying to stack my paper/ like my name was Xerox
Now I’ve got more classics than Mozart and Reeboks
And my songs have got you hooked like Peter Pan in detox
While/ they were making hits leading them to felonies
On chain gangs in the heat/ dressing up like referees
I was out on a mission for cheesecake and celery
To gross that Benjamin Franklin green without the jealousy
Now I’m embracing first places/ collecting the faces
They still sit and their hatin’ the envious are runnin’ in
But lot of these pennies won’t learn, they won’t learn
That the money I earn won’t burn/ so come again

by P.R. Prosper

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