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Green & Red- The Flower Garden Is Dead

Jealousy buys the 'green-eyed monster' nothing
Left empty like an orphan of it's warm womb
Forever searching for greener pastures
And the fortunes of some long lost tombs.
The sorrows of a mother's heart oft' hint
In echo's upon main streets of despairs gloom
Where lusts ugly ambition always takes its fill of flesh
Along the avenues of the Red Light rooms.
The shadow people always walk it
And are oft' found 'neath a blazing moon
Where John's & their brother's always take what they want
In a place where Spring flower's no longer bloom.

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Comments (6)

Kelly, thank you so very, very much. So appreciate your taking the time to read my work.
Amiitava, Thank you and you are absolutely correct. It is a destructive emotion.
Patricia, thank you so much for your reading my poem. You are so appreciated.
Your writing style and ability amaze me. Thank you for sharing.
Very true, jealousy begets nothing at last, though it tries a lot in wrongful ways.
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