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Green: The Color... [green Things]
(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

Green: The Color... [green Things]

Poem By Bri Edwards

My favorite colors are green and brown.
Green-leafed trees polka-dot our town.
Green’s the color of farm pond scum,
and green’s the color of green tea gum.

Copper turns green when it’s weathered.
Some Amazon parrots are green-feathered.
Green is the color Army privates wear,
and green’s what the young clerk dyed his hair.

The city of Oz was oh so green!
Green is the color of a string bean.
If you’re nauseous you’re “green around the gills”,
and I’d be “green with envy” if you had no bills.

Green beer is drunk on St. Patrick’s Day.
Green is the color of newly mowed hay.
A wilted green salad looks so sad,
but a green stick fracture is “not so bad”.

Greenbacks are U.S. paper money.
From green clover bees make clover honey.
A green traffic light tells me to go,
and a green banana ain’t ripe you know.

A green-winged teal is a small duck,
and a green four-leafed clover may bring you luck.
I’ve heard of “green thumb” but not “green nose”.
I wonder if green is the color of gangrened toes.

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Comments (50)

Excellent Nicely penned poem here.... :)
A nicely worded piece, well done Bri
I’ve heard of “green thumb” but not “green nose”. I wonder if green is the color of gangrened toes.....Excellent
Lovely play of words it beautiful and the touch rhyme n rhythm made it a great piece.I enjoy it
I liked and enjoyed your green color poem. I imagined you and your lovely green-eyed wife finally touched the green grass of your new home. As you well know green means young. I wish you to always be as green as cucumber. 10+++