Green: The Color... [green Things]

My favorite colors are green and brown.
Green-leafed trees polka-dot our town.
Green’s the color of farm pond scum,
and green’s the color of green tea gum.

Copper turns green when it’s weathered.
Some Amazon parrots are green-feathered.
Green is the color Army privates wear,
and green’s what the young clerk dyed his hair.

The city of Oz was oh so green!
Green is the color of a string bean.
If you’re nauseous you’re “green around the gills”,
and I’d be “green with envy” if you had no bills.

Green beer is drunk on St. Patrick’s Day.
Green is the color of newly mowed hay.
A wilted green salad looks so sad,
but a green stick fracture is “not so bad”.

Greenbacks are U.S. paper money.
From green clover bees make clover honey.
A green traffic light tells me to go,
and a green banana ain’t ripe you know.

A green-winged teal is a small duck,
and a green four-leafed clover may bring you luck.
I’ve heard of “green thumb” but not “green nose”.
I wonder if green is the color of gangrened toes.

by Bri Edwards

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/cont/...I could never get tired reading you if you write so fantastic. Look forward to always reading you, our Poemhunter king of humour. Maybe I will write u a poem some day when I'm not soo busy as right now.
Green is my favourite colour too so this caught my attention and I love green thumb ideas and all the nice things that you reminded in green, a and everything has a not so good side so u painted that as well but I enjoyed the most creative scintillating lines ESP the green traffic light and green banana, all the clover lines, the polka dot line and others.
Green is my favorite color too! Long back I have written a poem -Oh! Green, Stay Green! 'Green-leafed trees polka-dot our town'.............. Love this line! The poem gives a feeling of freshness
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NEW-MOWN HAY is fine. Your picky program is being pedantic.
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