Green: The Color... [green Things]

My favorite colors are green and brown.
Green-leafed trees polka-dot our town.
Green’s the color of farm pond scum,
and green’s the color of green tea gum.

by Bri Edwards Click to read full poem

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Green is also the subject for almost every poem by James Mclain,
Excellent Nicely penned poem here.... :)
A nicely worded piece, well done Bri
I’ve heard of “green thumb” but not “green nose”. I wonder if green is the color of gangrened toes.....Excellent
Lovely play of words it beautiful and the touch rhyme n rhythm made it a great piece.I enjoy it
I liked and enjoyed your green color poem. I imagined you and your lovely green-eyed wife finally touched the green grass of your new home. As you well know green means young. I wish you to always be as green as cucumber. 10+++
Quite an interesting list of green stuff, but where is the BROWN?
Such simplicity and explicitness, which is a trait oppugnant to my poetry. This is a sweet little poem that celebrates the colour green. Although I've learnt that 'leafed' is actually another term 'leaved', I'll ask you to use the latter, because you stress on using the more common terms. 'Green-leafed trees polka-dot our town' is my favourite line, for it sounds like it is from the tongue of a kid, full of innocence and simple comparisons.
/cont/...I could never get tired reading you if you write so fantastic. Look forward to always reading you, our Poemhunter king of humour. Maybe I will write u a poem some day when I'm not soo busy as right now.
Green is my favorite color too! Long back I have written a poem -Oh! Green, Stay Green! 'Green-leafed trees polka-dot our town'.............. Love this line! The poem gives a feeling of freshness
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NEW-MOWN HAY is fine. Your picky program is being pedantic.
'and green’s what the young clerk dyed his hair.'........... Can't believe this. But great fun!
I love this! Right away, I thought of Dorothy Parker, the humorous undertones, the word play and witticism! Especially: 'If you’re nauseous you’re “green around the gills”, and I’d be “green with envy” if you had no bills.' Also, the last line is killer. Brilliant in its hilarity!
Gangrene Toes, , , I like that part the best, , , , really nice poem Bri
Thy Hypnotized Sight of Green Color is depicted here wonderfully
Green - the Color! An interesting poem beautifully penned. Did you know Bri that Green is the colour of the heart? Heart that is kind, heart that is compassionate, Heart that is generous! You have a wonderful green heart, my dear friend! 100
Here to revisit this wonderful poem to be entertained and have some fun. I like all the lines. Cleverly written and well executed write.
Green is the color of nature and health. A relaxing color that is pleasing to the eye. Dark green is often associated with the military and monetary matters. These things have been captured in this wonderful poem. But, the poet forgot to mention a greenhorn......10 and onto my Poem List.
The poet made the color green the most favorite of all colors with this fascinating poem. A unique, entertaining and a bit informative write. Masterly crafted and with great rhyme.