Green Thumb

There was a snail slithering through my house the other day,
When he saw my flowerpot sneakers by the door he laughed and told me I was lazy
I said “Hey, I’m not lazy I’m just waiting.”
He snickered and replied “You know,
I might be slow, but your stupidity is amazing.”

“Well who the hell do you think you are anyway? ! ” I shouted

“Nobody” he replied calmly
“I’m not even here you big baby. I’m just a figment of your imagination.
You’ve been in here doing nothing or so long
you’re beginning to go crazy.”

I tried to rebuttal but I knew he was right.
So I glanced at my door and shook my head at what
once was my mud room, was now just a flower bed.

So I groaned “Oh, what the hell”
and opened up a flower shop

by Nicolas 'Kokonutz' Kokonas

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