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Greensleeves (Song I Made To Mozart's Greensleeves) (C) 8-8-09
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Greensleeves (Song I Made To Mozart's Greensleeves) (C) 8-8-09

Ooh X40
Your eyes your face keeps me holdin on and I never want you to be hurt
Your zeal and moving just keeps me so that I know its your I must earn
Please ohh ohh keep your feelings for me so I can not feel like a fool
Show me the way the arrow through your heart so that we can forever be true
Our lives our station is from our love and I know we willl love for always
You keep me in your arms I won’t go away cause in your eyes forever I’ll gaze
You and I makes one and it’s hard to understand how that can add
My life is yours and your burdens too and to die for you I will be glad
Stay here you are mine and I need you my baby you know I will always be yours
My love my salvation I will be there baby your heart and mind is all that I adore
My God in all heavens please keep her here I need Cupid’s bow to fuse in our hearts
Oh lord I pray to you thank you for her and hopefully soon our relationship can start
You know that it’s for you to come and have a lifetime of love between us
But you know that I know time is ours so baby that’s why I feel there’s no need to rush
Ooh X40
I can’t live without you as was aforementioned in everything I say
I want to be privleged in knowing that when I wake you will be there everyday
You will be there everyday
You will be there everyday

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