NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Greeting The Sun

slowly the darkness in its daily retreat fades:
slumbering forth in tired glory,
the sun streches and its godly light invades.
In the shelter of the tree's the birds find voice,
under the direction of the conducters rays.
Dreams begin to disperse, during the opening verse.

Curtains open, and the day is reluctantly let in,
slow, stiff limbs shake of the dusty remains of rest,
Time soon, to leave the warmth of there nest.
Venturing out to earn, to learn, to burn.

Children in eager energetic innocence,
are hungry for the day ahead,
there parents in contrast, stale and unfocused,
look longingly back at there inviting bed.
Mornings compliment the young,
like the clear skies do the sun.

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Excellent. Great images, well written, great poem All the best Ian