Greetings For The Showgirl

To greet a showgirl with nonsalivating anonymity
Let us work out what to do in the sticky darkness
This wasn't cordial, this wasn't what bloodshot eyes expected
To seek an alternative liason with a cardinal abstraction
One you wouldn't confuse with naked flesh on display

In my dreams
I persecuted you with vertebrate impartiality
Forced you into a badminton match with deadly obstacles
Sought payment for being called a "horn dog"
Pro-cool blood, self-control, anti-hands free, harassment persona
I tiptoe around their summit, nightly nude summit

To acknowledge another who has become a focus
A want in the eyes of the commodity based culture
She-totems beating down honesty and honesty not putting up much of a struggle
It's not the flattery that does them in, it's the dispassionate liar
With motives not just unclear but carefully disguised

by Raj Dronamraju

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