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Greetings, Goodbye And Gone

Greetings from here, this part of the world
from the very hot white sands of the desert
to the cold white snow in these mountains
in the blink of an eye (loosing an eyelash)

Goodbye i say to all the water in the seas
and the damp clouds in that clear blue sky
farewell to all the damp, the fog and the mist
which have always been good to my skin

Gone away to a different and new place i am
don't bother to search for me, don't try to find me
where i am now there is no room for more than
this one being, alone but with all in this vacuum

"Greetings, goodbye and gone" © 2013 Rob Knetsch

by Rob Knetsch

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I have come back to tell you I have VOTED a 10.
Vacuum is the entrance, I'd like to add to this powerfully worded poem. Mine was Silence is the Entrance. I have enjoyed reading this worthy poem thought-provoking.