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why did you leave,
you left me to grieve,
you left me crying,
inside i am dying,
i miss you,
i just wanna kiss you,
why aren't you here,
why are you there,
i need you here,
here with me,
you were my world boy,
you were my life,
but now you've left me here
with my beautiful knife,
i used to be able to hold
my head up high,
my life is now bound,
as i fall to the ground,
i look up to see,
you're looking at me,
you're laughing,
as a single tear runs down my face,
you walk away at a faster pace,
my heart starts to race,
now its at a slow pace,
its now stopped,
you turn around,
and take a last look...
you dont care...
you've got her...

by Bootiful Kid ...

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