And who said love surpasses all boundaries?
Coz I would surely show them your unforgiveness,
Nothing can ever pass through that

Your bitterness makes you ugly and unpleasant
I held on to the pain that you caused me,
I honestly thought that was the only way I could keep you with me

Thank God I have finally seen you for the poisonous person you are
You don't like it when I move past your anger and see joy around me
You want me to wallow in shame and self pity like you do

Well guess what?
I am better than you
And I refuse to allow you to drag me down to your pit

I am a happy, vivacious, fun loving person
And by God I will hold on to happiness and dear life even if it kills me
You can't faze me

You can try though
But I guarantee you will fail
Coz I have something in me you don't

Love for the self
I love me in and out, flaws and all
I am wonderful just the way I am

by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

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