Grenades Storm Shattered Glass

Grenades storm shattered glass
Smoke-filled rooms outside
Dirt & rocks pilot past

No reception one phone
2 sergeants' & twelve soldiers
Wishing they could all go home

Four wounded six-killed
Storm in a desert maturing closer
Young guns - rage filled

Gray-haired clouds sky lighting combs
Wet fatigues soaked in frowns
Yells & cries from stomach moans

While thunder smacks the sky red
Pain inflicted explosions
Camouflaged mines cover your head

Silent moments & paralyzed eyes
Terrorize by sounds of night
Bombs exploding hear babies cry

Trapped from the blind side this is the worst
Black Hawk down three soldiers caught
Caged like beaten animals -dying of thirst

Hands tied behind backs
State Anthem whispering 1st & 2nd verse
soldiers holding gunny sacks

Lips lacerated -several wound’s bleed
Poisoned rodents in a dark corner
Soldiers barefooted shoes made from sleeves

Maggots found in every meal
Infected flesh with open sores
Hardened scabs on body get peeled-

Loaves of bread molded -years & months’ old
Sickening smell of the buried
Piles of shit beginning to mold

Infamous hearts lock & load
Spiritually conquered -shot mentally
Enemies game while opponents guns fold

With a killer passion
And hunger rooted in the night
camaflouge a soldiers fashion

The poor join because they can
The addicted and the homeless
apply to be the new army man

Disguised by pain
injured spirits
men no longer sane

frightened souls
of memories saved
in the bloody fox hole

Tattooes of the flag
A heroic soldier holds a baby
the daddy's in a body bag

Lined up to be voice
blindfolded both eyes closed
execution is no choice

by G00dy2 Shoes

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