A cloudburst,
A relief from oppressive heat,
A rise up in the sky
Like a hot balloon
In a celestial melody
Rising up from within
From Mother Earth's womb
In ripples from unconsciousness
Gathered my enthusiasm.

I, weighed down
By heavy sandbags
Of emotions and intellects,
Tieing me down
To the Earth's wilderness
Of infernal illusions,
Find my inner freedom
In wild enthusiasm.

It is a thunder
Rising from nowhere,
It is a wonder
Seiging from everywhere,
A l' improviste
In nature's primordial rhythm
That fills my soul
And spurs me to take
Rock-like little steps,
One at a time
To chisel my path
To right balance.

It isn't rebellion,
It isn't revolution,
It isn't leap to high sky,
Mere crawl to right spot
In aftermath of delusions
To set bedrock aright
And build on it
As it should be.

Views seen in refractions
Fall flat now unclothed,
Gimmicks played by mind
Now unveil in black
And truth stares straight
To unburden me,
For truth is true relief,
And truth's passage is safe,
And I find relief
To fly high in the sky
In rock-like enthusiasm.

by Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

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This peom was wonderfull to reed. Cnat wait for the sequil.
Wow what a poem