We never thought we'd see the day
So many colours before grey,
Young knights, our swords flashed in the sun
But we'd fall on them slowly, one by one.
These days of practicality replaced our immortality
Then virile, drunken songsters would sway
Black humour, black hair now turned to grey.

We never thought we'd leave our era
Partners caught, then reeled us nearer
One french kiss, a promise at 'Top Rank'
Left breathless fishes on the bank.
Crazy haircuts, mothers were appalled
Cars out of petrol deliberately stalled.
Lover's lane kiss had us fooled
But Cupid's miss was overruled.
Black 'Mariahs' carried us away
Before our blues were turned to grey.

We never thought we'd reach the year
3 bloody quid for a pint of beer.
Balding bespectacled and rheumatic
Electric music now distinctly static
Dancing like the fathers we mocked
With women like the mothers we shocked.
All night binges have had their days
Now it's exchanging twinges and take aways
Wild lion we called youth refused to stay
Time brought us just truth. then turned away.
That harlequin before the grey.

by Kevin East

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