The diner nibbles biscuit
because a stealthy misfit
has finished off the brisket and the pie.

His methods are erratic
and crumbs bedaub his jacket
unheeded by his static glassy eyes.

Upon his thin long fingers
a whiff of Cheddar lingers.
The end of a malingerer is nigh.

His ears are pricked for whispers.
A presage stills his whiskers
before tight sprung ballistic metal flies.

The silence is emphatic.
The stillness is dramatic
to underscore a tragic mouse demise.

Quick nails tip tap the china.
He grinds his biscuit finer.
Behind his specs, the diner's eyes are dry.

by Diane Hine

Comments (16)

Diane I enjoyed solving your mysterious poem. Very intertaining. I am reminded of the old saying. 'The early bird gets the worm, but the SECOND mouse gets the cheese! !
Creative and humorous. The title attracted me from Bri's June poem list. The poem totally overwhelmed me. Thanks for sharing.
4 1/2 years after my first comment i've come to gather this into June's showcase. i reread it at least twice. now i think the poem is mostly referring to a human male who set the mouse trap using his now-cheesy fingers and is enjoying a cookie, waiting for the trap to do its damage (successfully) . Thanks. i 'hate' when a poet makes me work my brain! ! ! :) bri
A lot of laughs. Would go good with a cup of coffee. Happy for the mouse though! . Enjoyed
Luscious description, Diane. I watched once as a mouse bounced cutely all over my trap, nibbled at the almond, and then, alas...
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