(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)


O grey, grey, grey
Hopelessly trying to fold it away
My matter grey unsaned by the grey mist spray
Black and white knowledge; blinding pressure
Wavering love coughs up it’s mindfaltering measure.

Frozen sitting on the soft sanctueous matter
Forty five minutes of paralysed shock
Embodied I the latter.
Grey headache chasing the last living hope and zest
.... Draining will
What cause this destructive pest?

Sadistic world that.... lures
Then muck it coughs
All evil exposed by a searing flame
To clean the mess own to earthborn matter.
For, give all worldly up
Or look point blank the death-torturing cup.

Satanistic world why keepith me?
Oh God why giveth me still breath?
To stumble in a world of living death?
Bestow us earthly hope and dare
Then disroot our foundation with roots lying bare?

Rather to be dumb, numb, aloof
And thoughtless
For but the genius think his
Saneness amiss.

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