DK (1951 / UK)

Grey And Mournful Stranger

Years haunted by that stranger
That dark stranger from my past
Now diminished in his influence
With his picture fading fast.

You ask me who’s that stranger
And why did he have that power
To regulate my daily life
And render sweetness sour?

That stranger was false memories
That stranger was a dream
Of how I seemed to others
Not what I might have been.

That stranger would forbid me
From seeking freedom’s goals
That stranger like a tourniquet
Was slow strangling my soul.

That grey and mournful stranger
Now a stranger clear to me
Was simply an illusion
And was never meant to be.

But now his picture’s fading
My feelings now feel real once more
I shan’t seek out that stranger
Nor invite him to my door.

For I’d mistaken that cold stranger
For a person I once knew
But that person was not ever me
And it’s now time to start anew.

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A very positive piece David, thank you: -)