WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Grey Matter

I feel like hiding my face in a picture
Dorian Grey would have gave this lecture

The man who would never age
The picture behind the face

A pact with the devil was made
And his looks would never fade

His soul would live in fire
But his career would grow higher and higher

But I'm not Dorian Grey, I'm an ordinary man
I can't give my soul for some worthless sand

Still I wonder sometimes, what it would be like
Living the all American dream, be like Mike

I just want to write my songs and play my tunes
And sometimes watch the late night cartoons

But still I wonder, if I was Bugs Bunny
What would happen if I wasn't funny

Or if I was the invisible man
And you could see me where I stand

Would it all be worth the price
Could I deal with the painful vice

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