Gribble Barn

Poem By Roy Kieling

Down the road about half a mile from home
Stands the Old Gribble Barn with its high dome
It's always been red though sometimes rather faded
Which gives the appearance this barn is dated

This was a dairy barn with many a cow
And up above was the big hay mow
Outside was a milk house plus a bull corral
Which at that time was uncommon for this locale

In the center big doors opened both front and rear
To accommodate hauling in loads of hay with the old John Deere
An opening in the hay mow was overhead
Fifty ton of hay it held is what I heard said

Registered Jersey cows were a pride of this farm
Be careful around the bull so there will be no harm
A Jersey with its big eyes and beautiful face
In the show ring it's sure to bring home the ace

Now the barn stands alone and in need of repair
The cow and horse stalls all stand bare
But it was built well and it will stand
Long after many of us have left this land

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