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She has gone.

The harmony of my bones
Which I took for granted
Has left me.

My feet drag like soft lead,
And my limbs are liquid.
My cramped, jagged belly cries out for peace.

I did not know
I loved her this much.

Now, wings of pain
Hover around me,
Groaning in my nerves and muscles,
Slicing through every sensation
And thought I have,
Waiting for me, again and again,
Around the blind corners
Of a confused and disjointed future.

O God, my fragile soul
Fights for its very life,
Stretched and scalded
By every waking minute.

How can I breathe the air of this shocking pain?
I would rather be burnt alive
To ease the pain and have it over.
Light the fire now!

How can they say suffering is a gift –
When I fight to stand up straight?

Oh, I have lost my darling wife!

by Melcrum A.J

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Heartfelt and very good to boot. Does it take deep emotions to make an excellent poem? H