Where Did You Get That 'Bad' Attitude?

Is it the front.
Or the back.
Or both sides of 'no',
You find so difficult to face?

'The 'no' is okay.
I find it acceptable.
It's your attitude I object to.
It offends and if I were you,
I would do my best to improve it.'

I thank you for your unsolicited advice.
There is one thing certain that I can guarantee you.

'What is that? '

No matter how I deliver a 'no'...
You can leave immediately.
And from me you wont have to hear it twice.

'WHERE did you get that 'bad' attitude? '

Me telling you 'no'...
Does not include you asking me twenty questions.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (11)

Susan, this poem was perfect and brought me to tears unlike others on Poemhunter. I’m going to read it at my sister’s celebration of life. It is true, one does pay for caring. Thank you.
Grief marvelously defined in different of it's hues and origins. Heartiest Congrats for it's POD too.
The expression is just amazing. One doesn't mind the recurring sound of a few words in view of their emotional impact. Thanks a lot and Congrats on your being the Poet Of The Day today.
Yeah, every one has to experience it at sometimes in life. Seems you too have gone through much. Nicely penned.
Grief, Existing in time! And, hard to rid of it! That's grief!
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