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Gritty Real Life
RB (1979 / Calgary)

Gritty Real Life

Poem By Robert Brendan

drug and alcohol
are not things I advocate,
using drugs
and alcohol
just once a piece
or every here and there
or even as a matter
of habit
are things that I advocate.
when you start writing one notepaper
and then spread
the next three or four
binding the entire
with scotch tape
on the edges of each of the pages and fold
the edges of the tape so nothing is sticking
and it binds it;
you may
or your parents and friends
may wish to take a moment
so they
or yourself
can ask you
to take
just a few more moments on top of that
to reflect on the situation
and weigh the pros of this lifestyle
and the cons of the one
in which you spend several
days or weeks
cleaning up so you can
make the decision to continue
once more on your own
with a clear mind
to be dirtied.

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