Growing Old

I remember not from whence I came
for it seems so long ago
My mind and body was so agile
now they begin to slow
The daily tasks I once performed
now take a longer time
My mind it is still willing,
but my body draws a line
I sit here thinking
when I was just a boy
how I used to run and skip
And shout out
with exuberance and joy
But these times are now in the past
so very long ago
My heart is full of sadness,
I am feeling very low
It leaves me with a feeling that life
has passed me by
Gone are my years of youth
as time begins to fly
Tomorrow I will be "twenty"
Goodbye to teenage days
I think I will become a hermit
And learn to change my ways!

by James Barnes

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excellent-even tho 20 does seem a little soon for what i feel at 52